Extend your reach


Why should I add my podcast to Stitcher?

Stitcher is a rapidly growing platform where listeners go to hear the best podcasts and radio shows. By distributing your show on Stitcher, you immediately receive a number of FREE benefits.

These include:

  • Mobile Distribution- We provide partners - of every size - a way to deliver their content to broader mobile and in-car audience.
  • Increased Audience - Distributing your show on Stitcher helps to build awareness and drive new listeners to your show. Stitcher helps you find new listeners by promoting your show on our platform and providing our listeners with discovery features to help them find you.
  • Deep Listening Metrics - With Stitcher listening reports, you can see more than just your download totals. You'll receive analytics on audience engagement; behavior and other metrics that can help you better understand your listeners and how they react to your programming.

How do I get my show on Stitcher?

Stitcher is programmed using RSS feeds. You provide us the link to your RSS feed; we load it into the system, program it and process it on an ongoing basis for fast and seamless play over mobile and in-car networks.

It’s easy! Visit our sign up form to submit your show.

How do I know how many downloads I'm getting through Stitcher?

Stitcher provides all partners with download information via a password protected self-serve Provider Portal. Additionally, Stitcher listening is visible through your hosting provider stats.

The Provider Portal is found at If you have not received login credentials for the Stitcher Provider Portal, please contact .

Does Stitcher strip out my existing advertising?

No. Stitcher keeps your advertiser's message intact in your show, providing extended reach and value.

Can I make money on Stitcher?

Stitcher will help expand your audience, providing you with more listeners/impressions to sell back to advertisers.

In the near future, we will offer an affiliate program to help content partners make money from the great content they create and distribute on Stitcher. You will receive money for new Stitcher users who download the Stitcher app to listen to your show. If you're interested in monetizing your audience on Stitcher, please apply to become a content partner here.

What if my show is already on Stitcher and I didn't know I was a partner?

In an effort to build a great platform to support podcasters and their audiences, we fulfill requests from listeners and producers, alike. We have made attempts to reach out and establish a content partnership with each show added to the Stitcher line-up. Content Producers, of course, have the option to opt out at any time.

Email if you wish to remove your show from Stitcher.

It takes great content and the right technology platform to deliver a great service. We look forward to working with you to create a platform that enables content partners of all sizes to monetize their efforts and to deliver their content to a large audience in a convenient, enjoyable and cost-efficient way.