Reach your audience

  • Get a high ROI on hyper-targeted advertisements

    Stitcher's targeting technology drives significant improvements in click-through rates, utilizing audio encouragements to CPC and display advertisements on-screen. CTRs in the range of 2-4x the industry standard for mobile devices are possible using this technology.

  • Be relevant

    Focus your advertising on listeners with interests that align with your product or service.

  • Reach a premium audience

    99% of our listeners own smartphones with data plan subscriptions. Over 76% of our users have college degrees and live in high income households, and most listen to business, technology, global, and political news.

  • Use rich media

    Engage listeners with compelling campaigns that surround a consumer with audio and visual information.

  • Get precise usage metrics

    Our proprietary technology allows you, for the first time in audio, to measure exactly when someone listens to your ad, how long they listen, and whether they skip the content or your ad.

  • Get attractive advertising rates

    We are a growing platform and provide competitive rates for the audience you are reaching.